Human Rights and Social Policy Statement

Fisheries Improvement Program initiated by PT. Cassanatama Naturindo has many aspects inside its program, apart from the biological aspect and the environment, another aspect that probably should not be forgotten. The social part is one of the crucial aspects of the program, and it is important for company humanizes humans as well related to this social aspect PT. Cassanatama Naturindo decided to issue several points related to company policy.

The company policy points are as follows:

  1. Neither humiliating nor suffering.
  2. No human trafficking or forced labor.
  3. There are no workers under the age of 18.
  4. Freedom to associate and bargain collectively.
  5. Decent, transparent and stable income.
  6. Working hours are not excessive.
  7. A safe work environment and adequate health facilities.
  8. Rights and access to resources that are respected, appointed reasonably and respect customs and culture.

PT. Cassanatama Naturindo has also made efforts to socialize regarding company policies and the rights and responsibilities of assisted fishers in the Demak Regency. It is done to educate fishermen to understand company policies better, hoping that these things can at least create harmony between companies and coastal communities, especially assisted by fishers from PT. Cassanatama Naturindo.