Implementation: Shrimp Fishery Improvement Program in Central Java

The Pre-assessment of the Unit of Assessment (UoA) in the North Sea of ??Demak conducted by the Peterson Control Union UK as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) showed that several MSC assessment indicators were still below the standard. Towards an assessment that was still below the MSC standard, PT. Cassanatama Naturindo seeks to implement fisheries improvements in the North Sea of ??Demak, Central Java.

The step of implementation has been carried out by PT. Cassanatama Naturindo long before the assessment by Peterson Control Union UK. The writing of fishermen’s daily catches logbook has been applied from 2017 to the present. The logbook is also reported to relevant stakeholders to assist the government in establishing fisheries regulations and demonstrate the consistency of PT. Cassanatama Naturindo in keeping fisheries sustainable.

In terms of academics of PT. Cassanatama Naturindo is currently collaborating with Diponegoro University as a party deemed capable of conducting research in the North Sea of ??Demak. Several studies have been done previously from April to August 2019 related to the White Shrimp Population Stock in Demak Waters. Furthermore, in response to the government’s program entitled Kampus Merdeka, Diponegoro University, and PT. Cassanatama Naturindo conducted several kinds of research back from September to November 2021 related to DNA Barcoding of White Shrimp, bycatch of fishermen, and several other studies.

In January 2022 PT. Cassanatama Naturindo conducted an introduction of Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) and socialization of Endangered, Threatened, and Protected Species (ETP), which was attended by local stakeholders namely PPP Morodemak and the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Demak Regency, as well as several fishing groups which are groups collaborating with PT. Cassanatama Naturindo.

At the national level, PT. Cassanatama Naturindo also presented the FIP Indonesia national discussion initiated by MSC Indonesia in December 2021, that attended by the Director-General of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and several initiators of FIP. This activity aims to make the government know who the parties that carry out fishery improvement in Indonesia are. On the other hand, the initiators who carry out the FIP program or fishery improvement can convey the needs or support needed to the central government.

Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) that carried out by PT. Cassanatama Naturindo is currently accessible to everyone at This program is not only owned by PT. Cassanatama Naturindo, so that we accept all forms of Cooperation related to the program.