Welcome to Cassanatama

PT Cassanatama Naturindo was founded in 1994 in Semarang – Indonesia. Our business is manufacturer and exporter of all kind of crackers to several countries in Europe, especially the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Since 1999, we were trusted by the European Union (EU) as a fish processing unit and received an approval number from the EU: 162-11 D. This means our products are meeting with the international standard. By having international standard and large number of production capacity, PT CassanatamaNaturindo produces and exports variety of Indonesian snacks.

PT Cassanatama Naturindo is located on Jalan Muktiharjo Km 3, Genuk, Semarang 50115. PT Cassanatama Naturindo stands in an area of ± 1 HA and consists of 2 buildings. The first building is especially to produce prawn and fish crackers and the second building is to produce cassava crackers, tubers, and rice crackers. The second building is specialized to cater vegetarian customers. The production capacities are ± 5,000 kg / day for prawn crackers and ± 3,500 kg / day for cassava crackers.

Warranty and commitment towards food safety product manufactured by PT Cassanatama Naturindo is proven by obtaining HACCP certification issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as a warranty of food safety product for prawn crackers and also HACCP certification issued by independent certification organization for cassava crackers. Beside HACCP certificate, since 2014 P.T. Cassanatama Naturindo are also BRC certified for both Prawn Crackers and Cassava Crackers manufacturing site. Certification process is conducted periodically to show company’s commitment to ensure food safety from its produce. Company’s commitment is also shown by improving its process, performance and facilities in order to maintain customer’s satisfaction.